Top Actress Reveals Her Morning "Hack" That Helped Save Her Career

Maggie and her Dog

The star of TV’s Designated Survivor felt sluggish almost every day and was often so bloated that people started asking if she was pregnant.

“I was thinking: I eat the right foods, I exercise, I do all the things they tell me to do,” she says.

After changing her morning routine. Maggie was blown away by how quickly her symptoms — like constant fatigue and digestive discomfort — simply disappeared.

Now, Maggie has more energy and vitality than she ever had in her 20s, and her skin is so lustrous that she’s often mistaken for someone nearly half her age.

For the first time, Maggie reveals the morning ritual that completely revitalized her health and her career.


“This really worked for me,” she says. “I know that doesn’t mean it will work for everybody who’s suffering with fatigue and bloating, but I wanted people to at least get the chance to try.”

“I want everyone to get the chance to see this video,” she says. “Because you don’t have to be a Hollywood actress to look and feel fantastic.”

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Maggie's Groceries

Maggie Q

Actress | Health Activist

Maggie Q earned her fame through her role in the popular films Mission: Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard, as well as popular TV shows like Nikita and Designated Survivor. In addition to acting, Maggie is known in Hollywood circles0 as a passionate helath activist, dedicated advocate of animal rights and the founder of Qeep Up, a 100 percent sustainable activewear company.