Are you aware that your deductibles and co-pays could be covered with a Medicare Advantage Plan? These special plans are only available to those in qualified zip codes .

The Rules are Changing

There was a time when you’d have to call every insurance company in the state to compare rates and find out who offered Medicare supplemental insurance that could save you.

But no more – EasyMedicare can compare plans statewide quickly, and at no cost. Just select your State, and see exactly what’s available to you. You could save – not bad for clicking a mouse or tapping the screen, right?

Is Your State a Winner?

Medicare Advantage Plans tend to get rolled out randomly. We’ll be honest - some places may have nothing available, and others will have tons of options.

The upside is, if you check and see options available, you’re golden, and you may be on your way to putting savings back into your pocket.

Follow These Steps to Save Money with EasyMedicare
1. Simply select your State below.
2. Enter your zip code and then view all of your available Medicare Supplement plans and coverages.
3. Potentially put money back into your pocket every year!

It costs nothing to check, so it’s very much worth your time. Select your State below, and see what’s available to you.

Select Your State

Check If You Are Eligible